Third Generation Pokémon appear in Pokémon GO code

The little update to version 0.71.0 of Pokémon GO for Android did not bring anything particularly interesting, at least apparently. Actually, the code of the application hides a great news that will make the gamers happy.

In fact, all the 135th generation Pokémon have been identified, introduced with Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games. 73 new candies have been added, indicating the number of Pokémon for which evolution can be made, though for now there are no references to the moves available for new monsters.

Hardly, however, we will see Pokémon of the third generation in Pokémon GO shortly, and by analyzing the release timelines of the second generation, it is likely that we will have to wait for September to capture them in the game.

Among the new arrivals, highlighted by code analysis, there is the Super Incubator that will allow you to hatch eggs more quickly, some novelties related to Raid, which allow you to capture Leggendy Pokémon, and novelties related to the appearance of Pokémon Shiny.




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