Anno 1800: With steam ships into the industrialization

Anno 1800: Mit Dampfschiffen in die Industrialisierung

After the future simulations Anno 2205 and Anno 2070 Ubisoft returns to the Gamescom 2017 in former fields and explores the age of industrialization in the 19th century with Anno 1800. In addition to a trailer and the planned release Ubisoft reveals however no detailed details to the game.

With the development of 1800 the Ubisoft Blue Byte Studio in Mainz is entrusted. As is known from the series, Anno 1800 revolves around the construction of large metropolises, the management of efficient logistics networks and the exploration and settlement of new lands. In addition to the planned game modes, the story-based campaign, a “highly customizable” sandbox mode, as well as multiplayer contests, Ubisoft is more detailed. The release of Anno 1800 is planned for the winter of 2018.

Anno Union for the community

With the Anno Union Ubisoft is directed to the fans of the series. Lovers can register and participate productively in the development of the new Annos. In addition to the latest content and glimpses behind the scenes of the development, selected members have the chance to play the game earlier. Players are also invited by Ubisoft to discuss planned features.



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