Sony: PlayStation 4 Slim as a Gran Turismo Edition with 1 TByte

Sony: PlayStation 4 Slim als Gran-Turismo-Edition mit 1 TByte

Sony has released a new, limited version of the PlayStation 4 Slim. The 1-TB version comes bundled together with the Gran Turismo Sport racing game. Both the console and the controller are optically adapted to the game.

The top of the console as well as the controller are color-coded in a gray tone, the surfaces adorn the logo of the gambling establishment. But the version comes not only optically adapted, but with a Day 1 edition of the game, which includes 250,000 units of the game currency, sticker packages, a helmet and 60 avatars.

There will also be other bundles with the game, the controller and “normal” versions of PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro (Test). A price Sony has not yet mentioned. The variant will be released on October 18 to release the game.



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