Humble Spooky Horror Bundle: Layers of Fear and Alien: Isolation have to be cheap

Humble Spooky Horror Bundle: Layers of Fear und Alien: Isolation günstig zu haben

The “Spooky Horror Bundle” revolves around games that scare their players. In addition to the indie titles, the offer also includes star studios of the genre: Layers of Fear and Alien: Isolation (Test) can be purchased for little money.

For a dollar, there are three games with Dead Age, DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark and Lakeview Cabin Collection, whose name does not rank, but whose reputation for steam is flawless. Names of rank are available for currently 4.85 euros with the Alien and Layers of Fear, its DLC and Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. For $ 8.50 is also the multi-player horror title Dead by Daylight in the package. Here four survivors fight against a, also player-driven killer.

The Bundles for Windows PCs are distributed via Steam, and about half of the games can be played under OS X and Linux.



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