Bixby: Samsung’s assistant now available in over 200 countries

Bixby: Samsung's assistant now available in over 200 countries

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 (Test) introduced Bixby is now available in more than 200 countries, after only South Korea and the USA had been considered. However, Bixby’s language skills do not change the extended availability: Bixby still speaks only English or Korean.

Bixby is Samsung’s competition to Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alex or Microsoft Cortana. According to Samsung, the wizard is to be used next to the smartphone in the entire Smart Home, for example, in TVs and air conditioners from Samsung. Bixby has such a high ranking at Samsung that the Galaxy S8 and latest rumors are also the Galaxy Note 8 equipped with a dedicated button that can not be assigned to any other function.

Language instead of touch

Samsung’s assistant is to be able to take over almost completely the currently still with touch commands carried out operation. While Alexa, the Google Assistant or Siri, according to Samsung, would only support a small part of an application’s functions, Bixby should be able to perform nearly all the functions of an app by voice command. This should lead to a simpler operation, since users according to Samsung are no longer confused by what subset of functions in the current situation is supported by language.

Many countries, but which ones?

Bixby was initially only available in South Korea for the market launch of the Galaxy S8 (Plus), and the assistant has recently also been used in the United States. As a pure overview page in the style of the Google Homescreen on an Android smartphone, Bixby can basically be used here too, but lacked any language skills of the assistant so far. The Samsung now provides at least in English or Korean for more than 200 countries. According to Samsung, these include the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Interestingly, Europe is not mentioned in the press release. Readers with the Galaxy S8 (Plus) can also tell the computerbase editorial team whether the language skills of Bixby are already active on the smartphone.



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