Eurosport Player with BILDplus subscription from mtl. 4,99 Euro available

Eurosport Player with BILDplus – As mobile phone talk from sales circles experienced, Eurosport has closed another great partnership with Axel Springer after HD + and Amazon Channel. The Eurosport Player can now also be booked with an BILDplus subscription via an action page. The bundle offer applies to both new customers and BILDplus existing customers.

Eurosport Player with BILDplus

On the BILDplus action page the Eurosport Player can be booked with a BILDplus subscription. With the Eurosport Player football fans can watch the 40 Bundesliga matches live on the Internet, which can not be received by Sky.

The monthly basic price with BILDplus Digital is 4.99 euros and with BILDplus Premium 12.99 euros. Customers save up to 50% on the purchase of both products. The duration of both subscriptions is 12 months and is automatically extended by another 12 months, if not 7 days before expiration.

Eurosport coupon code at BILDplus subscription

In order to gain access to the Eurosport Player, customers must first complete the BILDplus bundle with the Eurosport Player on the IMAGE action page. Directly after completion, customers already have access to the content of BILDplus. Customers will also receive an e-mail with a personal coupon code for the Eurosportplayer.

To use the Eurosport Player you need to register on the Eurosport Player website. In the registration process, the coupon code must then be entered. After successful entry of the coupon code, users have access to the Eurosport Player for 12 months. In contrast to the BILDplus subscription, the Eurosport Player subscription automatically ends.

Eurosport Player Benefits:

  • Exclusive Friday games of the Bundesliga in Eurosport Player
  • A total of 40 Bundesliga matches as well as the relegation live
  • MotoGP, tennis, cycling and much more live and on demand
  • Voucher ends automatically, no notice required

Go to the BILDplus offer with Eurosport Player

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