Telekom Internet Flat with 10 GB and LTE for 13.99 euros

Telekom Internet-Flat with 10 GB – The Internet-Flat 10,000 offered by mobilcom-debitel is available for a short time at the promotional price and is offered for under 15 euros per month. The tariff is implemented in the network of Telekom and offers LTE speeds.

Telekom Internet Flat with 10 GB

In the online shop of Vitrado, the mobilcom-debitel Internet-Flat 10,000 can be booked for a short time at the promotional price. The data tariff is implemented in the Telekom network and accesses the LTE network of the Bonn operator. The maximum surfing speeds are 150 Mbit / s.

Mobilcom-debitel regularly charges a monthly package price of 29.99 euros, via Vitrado the tariff is offered for a short time at an action price of 13.99 euros per month. For this purpose, a monthly invoice of 16 euros is provided for the duration of 24 months, which directly reduces the price. The minimum contract term is 24 months.


10 GB with LTE

A data volume of 10 GB per month is available, which can be used with up to 150 Mbps. After reaching the volume limit, the data rate is throttled to a GPRS level with a maximum of 32 Kbit / s. There is no automatic data processing. In addition, EU roaming is included, which makes it possible to use it in other European countries.

The unique connection price is 39.99 euros. This will be refunded if an SMS with the text “AG DIMA” is sent to the abbreviation 22240 within two weeks after activation. 19 cents are billed for the short message.

At, the promotion is now available.





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