Caution: Different fraud loops lure the phone into the trap

© WoGi - Fotolia.comCaution Fraud – The Consumer Center in Brandenburg warns against various fraudulent frauds, which are currently being lured by the phone and by mail. Whoever gets dubious profit promises or threats should be on the guard.

Caution cheating

Evidently, fraudsters are currently using different networks to bring careless customers to the conclusion of subscription deals, the payment of alleged fees and the issuance of their banking connections. The Consumer Center Brandenburg warns of some scenarios.

One of the stitches is a call, which informs about a won air travel to the Lake Garda, train travel to Paris and an immediate gain of 500 euros and for which the called the called Kontodaten. In addition, a newspaper subscription is addressed, which is made available to the alleged winner free of charge by the end of the year. “When one thinks something strange is spoken or offered at the other end of the telephone – simply reject it and hang up,” advises Michèle Scherer, digital expert from the Consumer Center Brandenburg. Anyone who nevertheless receives unwanted journals or invoices should revoke as soon as possible.

Fraud on the phone

Another fraud attempt suggests an alleged lottery win. Those concerned receive mail from the “European Drawing Committee”. However, the profit is only available when a call back occurs on the telephone number specified in the letter. “Such letters suggest a lottery profit. However, instead of a profit, consumers are usually only sold products or the callers are trying to get more data, “warns Michèle Scherer.

In addition to the comparatively easily recognizable demolition attempts, some deceivers send deceptive, genuine-looking court orders including “payment order”. If money is not immediately transferred to an account in Spain, the bank account of the recipient is blocked or seized, it states.

Michèle Scherer explains:

In a similar case, a consumer was informed on the telephone that a court ruling was forthcoming. A call for a prosecutor was requested. This alleged public prosecutor then told the person concerned that a frozen profit of more than 54,000 euros was for him. If he were to pay 4,800 euros, then the profit could be paid to him.

At the very latest, consumers should be given urgent attention. If you are unsure about an ‘official’ letter, you should first consult the Consumer Center.

Notary comes allegedly into the house

In another case, a consumer received by mail the notification that she had won 49,500 euros. However, it must pay the costs of the money transport so that it can claim the supposed profit. After the payment the money would be handed over to her by a notary at her doorstep, according to the promise.

“Of course, the authors of such letters simply want the money of consumers. Again, this is the case: such mail belongs to the paper basket, “the consumer protects.

Further information on advertising calls and sample letters for the revocation is provided by the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg on its homepage. Examples of alleged profit notifications from the “European Drawing Committee” can also be viewed. For all other questions the employees of the consumer centers help.




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