With B & amp; YOU light, Bouygues Telecom inaugurates the packages without commitment to the terribly flanged flows

Would you be willing to pay 10 euros a month to have a 30 GB envelope of data … bridled into 3G? Bouygues Telecom believes that yes, since it has just announced the launch of B & YOU light, a flat rate without commitment to 9.99 euros per month, but whose rate is limited to 2 Mb/s.

It must be admitted that this new offer from Bouygues Telecom is very surprising. While it is now very simple to find non-binding packages with several tens of GB of data at prices often below 10 euros, this offer B & YOU light seems purely anachronistic.

A standard 3G bridged package

The principle is explained on the page of the official website of the operator. For 9.99 euros per month, it is possible to subscribe to a package including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as an envelope of 30 GB of data per month. However, the latter has a peculiarity in size: its throughput is limited to a maximum of 2 Mb/s, ie a maximum of 256 kb/s!

Bouygues Telecom does not specify it anywhere in its offer, but it actually seems that this offer bridges the package to from the simple 3G. The maximum throughput of 3G is, according to Wikipedia, “1.9 Mbit / s under ideal conditions”. For comparison, 3G + or H + can go up to 21 Mb / s and 4G up to 150 Mb/s.

A test to verify the viability of such an offer?

But then why offer such a package in 2017? On Bouygues Telecom’s official website, it says: ” If you want to control your budget, you are ready to wait a few more seconds to download a video, the special B & YOU light series is for you! “. The argument is still strange. Who would be willing to pay 10 euros a month to have such a debit when it is very easy to find much better elsewhere with the innumerable promotions that one meets three or four times a year and per operator?

The offer is limited in time (it will end in a little more than 10 days), it is a good bet that Bouygues Telecom carries out a test life size and wants to verify if such an offer is able to attract potential customers . But I find it very hard to understand why this package is also bridled. A maximum capacity of 21 or 50 Mb / s would have been much more interesting.

If you are in the mood to watch videos load slowly and you have 10 euros per month to lose, the offer can be found on this page. And the SIM card is not offered, it will cost you 10 euros extra.



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