Philippe Starck tease design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Designed to design the next Xiaomi flagship, the French designer recently released a video to give us an overview of his work.

Philippe Starck is not at his test with the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. The French designer, known for his interior decorations, his juicer or the Freebox Revolution, has already signed the design of the Mi Mix (our test), the first smartphone with a wide borderless screen.

A very large screen

Faced with the success met by his smartphone, Xiaomi naturally put a new model under construction. History of not changing a winning team, the Chinese manufacturer again appealed to Philippe Starck’s pencil shot. And history to give us an outline of the result, Philippe Starck published a short teaser of the future flagship of Xiaomi.

First observation, the screen is wide, very wide. It covers almost the entire surface of the front façade. The left and right edges are curved. The upper edge is almost non-existent, while the lower band is wider. In particular, it accommodates the front sensor in the right corner.

The device is rather thin and has a USB Type-C port. The speaker is located below the phone. On the other hand, the jack port is missing. Regarding the characteristics of the Mi Mix 2, the mystery remains whole. Several rumors that the smartphone would ship a SoC Snapdragon 835, 6 GB Ram and a battery of 4,500 mAh. The screen would offer a diagonal of 6.4 inches. On the camera side, one would expect the 19 megapixels.



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