GermanySIM: From LTE 3000 International becomes LTE 3500 International

GermanySIM LTE 3500 International – GermanySIM is introducing a change in its international portfolio. The LTE 3000 International, which has so far been available, disappears from the range and is replaced by the LTE 3500 International.

GermanySIM International rates

As DeutschlandSIM has announced, a new international tariff is now available in the brand’s Onlineshop. The LTE 3500 International replaces the existing LTE 3000 International and offers permanently more data volumes as well as LTE speeds of up to 50 Mbit / s.

The new rate can be canceled monthly and costs 22.99 euros per month. The price includes a voice and SMS flat rate in all German mobile and fixed networks as well as a mobile data file. This provides a monthly data volume of 3.5 GB. The previous LTE 3000 International contained 3 GB.

GermanySIM LTE 3500 International

Once the volume limit has been reached, an automatic data processing system is used which posts an additional volume of 100 MB for the price of 2 euros each. The automatic is declared by GermanySIM as a fixed tariff component. In addition, EU roaming is included in the tariff.


There is no fixed term, the LTE 3500 International can be terminated at any time with a notice period of 30 days at the end of the month. The one-time connection price is € 14.99. The tariff is implemented in the networks of Telefónica and accesses the LTE network.

At the new tariff is available immediately.


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