No cookie for Android 8.0, Google may have chosen Orelletes

It seems that tonight we will not be able to discard a pack of cookies to celebrate the presentation of the new Android version, but use Google to know something more about a sweet Catalan stranger. While all the clues that circulate on the Net lead to Oreo as the name of the new release of Android, which is now coming to version 8.0, someone tries to counter-current with a completely different name.

This is Cliff Wade, Nova Launcher’s customer support manager, who would receive the blow from a source he preferred to remain anonymous. The cake chosen by Google to accompany Android 8.0 would be Orelletes, the name of a typical Catalan sweet usually used in weddings. So tonight the Mountain View giant should not announce Android 8.0 Oreo but Android 8.0 Orelletes, as long as the anonymous report is well founded.

It should be emphasized that Wade has stated that the code name will be Orellete, formally wrong as the correct term is Orelletes, also indicated with orellas, orejitas or orejas according to the local dialect used, literally “ears” in Italian. So is it possible that Wade has tried to win his 15-minute celebrity, citing Andy Warhol?

Sure well-known sources, such as @evleaks, say with certainty that the right name will be Android 8.0 Oreo. Who will be right? What will be the sweet match with the new release of the green robotic? We will find out when in Italy will be evening and in the United States the sun eclipse will outline the presentation of Android 8.0.




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