Changing the screen to your smartphone can hide great risks

If you think that after seeing your groundbreaking smartphone, the next expense to change the screen solves all your problems, you obviously have not read the latest research from Negev University Ben Gurion; Apparently, the replacement screens are a very simple way to compromise your device: it’s just a hardware change inside the piece, which one person is unlikely to notice.

By implementing a small chip in third-party touchscreen screens, researchers have been able to manipulate the communication system in a Huawei Nexus 6P and an LG G Pad 7.0; In this way they were able to record keyboard inputs, take pictures and send them via email, install applications, and direct the user to pishing sites. Not only because they have even managed to exploit vulnerabilities in the device kernel.

All the process, entrusted to the additional chip in the replacement part, does not use files containing the malware and is therefore not identifiable by anti-virus systems; This is an attack method called “chip-in-the-middle”, and if you want to deepen the technical aspects of what researchers do, you can do this on this page. The researchers added that with a little extra work it would be possible to hide the altered parts inside a smartphone mounted, making it difficult to distinguish from an unmodified.

Better pay attention to the spare parts, what do you say?




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