Siemens’s new Automotive Solution responds to the rapid growth of embedded software

Siemens's new Automotive Solution responds to the rapid growth of embedded software

The new Siemens Integrated Software Engineering solutionFor the automotive industry responds to the many challenges of developing products associated with the real explosion of embedded software in modern, more sophisticated cars. By integrating application lifecycle management (ALM) software with Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) software, Siemens will offer the automotive industry a solution to handle the intrinsically different life cycles of the electromechanical systems and The software development used to control these systems. Car manufacturers can thus improve the functionality and traceability of their software by increasing overall product quality and reducing recalls caused by embedded software.

“With increasingly sophisticated cars (from anti-collision systems to assisted parking, to self-contained vehicles), it will continue to increase software demand for control of these features, creating new challenges and product development issues,” says Dave Lauzun, Vice President of Automotive & Transportation, Siemens PLM Software . “By integrating ALM technology and its ability to handle the embedded software development process with PLM’s ability to handle physical systems, Siemens offers carmakers a solution for faster, more efficient and accurate development of reliable mechatronics systems High quality that will characterize the future of transportation. ”

Managing embedded software development in close correlation with the development of physical systems is a major challenge for automotive companies. By their nature, product engineering and software engineering follow intrinsically different development cycles. Software development is handled separately and validation of hardware interfacing takes place only at predetermined times. In the age of intelligent car related, however, the interaction between software and physical systems becomes increasingly complex and highlights the inadequacy of current processes, tools and methods. To make innovation, therefore, a Digital Twin, a digital copy of vehicle systems that faithfully represents the physical and digital behavior of cars connected to ItoT.

“Integrated embedded software development with other design activities is the key to developing smart products and smart vehicles,” said Andr√© Girard, VDC Research’s Senior Analyst IoT & Embedded Technology.

With Siemens’s Integrated Software Engineering solution for the automotive industry, embedded software development finally finds its place in the product lifecycle. The deal essentially seeks to support automakers in the challenge of rapid technology evolution, providing new levels of agility in the development of car products.

In the coming months, Siemens PLM Software will release several announcements about new Digital Enterprise Industry Solution designed for the specific needs of a number of industrial sectors.



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