Eclipse Viewer: Volvo brings special roofing film for solar eclipse

XC60 Eclipse Viewer
The US is currently in the solar eclipse. On Monday, the first full eclipse of the sun will be on display since 1979 and, for a narrow century, the first one that runs from coast to coast. So you should not miss at all. But how do you look at such a spectacle? Special sunglasses or welding goggles are one option. Swedish car maker Volvo has come up with something special for the XC60. The Eclipse Viewer is a magnetic foil for the panorama wheel. For those who want to attend the event with air conditioning and comfort. The Eclipse Viewer is limited, however, and is available from Volvo dealers in the states of Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska, Missouri and South Carolina. The question remains what is to be done with the film after the solar eclipse. The next to this extent is not until 2045.



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