Reply ASAP: Annoying app lets children now always answers

Anyone who has a child with a smartphone knows this. It has been given to him so that it can always be achieved and it knows exactly how to ignore can occasionally be the best way to gain extra time to play. “You sent me a text message, did not I?”

Reply ASAP wants to put an end to the defiant two-bitches in the digital development stage. The app sends messages that you simply have to answer as they ring until they are seen and obendrein notifies you of all other apps. If the annoyed child saw the notification, you get a hint that she was seen. Even if the child presses the “Snooze” button, you know that.

The app is supposed to be free for a child today, but has pretty terrible reviews. Not least because clever children know exactly how they can ban the app on their smartphone (because there must be one) to send notifications, or the annoying thing that can always uninstalled in their philosophical WhatsApp discussions. But also with the payment system seems something not quite so to vote. But this could still be a beginner problem, because the app has only been two weeks in the Play Store and the iOS version (presumably a bit less annoying) is also not there.

So, at your own risk, what here means destruction of the digital house peace.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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