Essential Phone Hands-On

There are many good reasons to really like the Essential Phone. The screen is, of course, extremely impressive with its edgeless aesthetics, which leaves only a small section for the camera above, but just there the first small problems gather.

Because, as expected, not everything simply works with the Essential Phone Extra picture screen up there. The notifications will be a bit wider, so that the camera does not get in the way, but a lot of app simply simply completely do not use the space above. And this is not only true for video apps that the hole really does not need. Then the screen is again quite a bit smaller and the futuristic aspect somehow, as long as developers do not adjust to it.

Or. It is reduced to the extremely good processing of the smartphone with its titanium ceramic body. The system (Android 7.1.1) is largely free of additives, one can not really expect software sensations. Even the camera app is kept a little bit and although the 13 megapixel dual camera and the 8 megapixel Selfie-Cam shoot good pictures, some certainly miss a Pro mode and also the focusing and release could be somewhat faster with the Snapdragon 835.

The other major advantage of the Essential Phone (which is actually called Essential PH-1) is its modularity, which is realized by two magnetic points on the back, which will hold modules such as a 360 ° camera. Become. Because so far, of course, no module is available and the catching up on the Moto Z is likely to be a mess.

One can hope that Essential has at least enough success to continue, because realized in this short time, it has become a brilliant smartphone. But with the current explosion of smartphones without margins according to the Mi Mix principle or even full-screen display smartphones with more than just a discreet reference to the Galaxy S8 or LG G6, the main feature of the PH-1 is also no longer such a large presetting feature.



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