Here is what looks like the video taken from a smartphone dropping from an airplane

If you’ve always wondered what a plane crash might look like from a phone, then this video is for you.

This is a feat that should please Samsung. In the United States, a Galaxy S5 fell from a plane in flight and landed in the garden of a private. Until then, nothing extraordinary. Except that not only did the smartphone survive its fall of more than 300 m, but it recorded the whole scene.

Once the phone is returned to its owner, the latter’s nephew has retrieved the strange video and posted it on YouTube. “Strange” because the sequence lasts all the same eleven minutes. So do not get excited at the idea of discovering 11 min of flight hovering on an electro music, it is not. The fall in itself lasts only 20 seconds. What’s more, the image becomes blurry when descending to the earth’s surface.

There followed 7 minutes during which the Galaxy S5 films the blue sky and the grass that moves with the wind. Eventually, a man picks up the phone, which continues to record, believing it to belong to the person with whom he was discussing.



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