Here is the Nokia 8, the new flagship as powerful as commonplace Nokia

After weeks of rumors and teasing, Nokia finally decided to unveil the Nokia 8, its high-end smartphone from 2017. A device in the classic design, not to say banal, with a high-end technical data , But of a relatively mild price.

A few weeks before the announcement of an innovative Galaxy Note 8, a particularly awaited iPhone 8 and an IFA that promises to be rich in phone announcements, has Nokia chosen the right time to announce its new Smartphone high-end? If the Nokia 8 was surprising, maybe. But this is not really the case.

A design without any surprises

Its design, first of all, is a frightful banality. No question of borderless smartphone, large screen or original functionality, the Nokia 8 simply has a 5.3-inch (QHD definition) screen, a polished metal shell that gives it a glass look, A fingerprint sensor below the screen and capacitive navigation buttons, also below the screen.

The Nokia 8 is also not particularly thin with its dimensions of 151.5 × 73.7 × 7.9 mm and its IP 54 certification does not make it waterproof. Admittedly, its antennas, placed on the periphery of the phone, are invisible, but its double photo sensor slightly protrudes from the hull. The Nokia 8 seems to have beautiful finishes, but a design that has already seen a hundred times since last year…

A strong technical sheet

Nokia however sets three main points to make his phone shine. Its dual photo sensor, first. It is a dual sensor of 13 MP, one dealing with color and the other with black and white. These two sensors are also covered with a Zeiss optics. Nokia also puts forward new photo features, such as “Bothie” (both contraction and selfie), allowing both front and rear camera to be used for taking a picture or video.

His technical sheet, then is rather tempting. The Nokia 8 features a Snapdragon 835, one of the most powerful mobile chips of the year, backed by 4 GB of RAM. The internal memory is 64 GB (which can be expanded using a micro-SD card) and the battery has a capacity of 3,090 mAh. Classic, but effective.

Especially, more than its design or technical data, it is of course with the price of his phone that Nokia intends to seduce. The Nokia 8 will indeed be sold 599 euros from the beginning of next September. A rather sweet price given that the majority of high-end smartphones this year has always been sold at around 700 euros. The question now is whether it will compare to the tenors of the quality-price ratio that are the Honor 9 or the OnePlus 5.



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