Motorola would like the screen of its smartphones to repair itself

The US manufacturer is working on a self-repair solution to combat the impacts and cracks on the screen of smartphones.

This is a pity, you have saved for months to offer you the smartphone of your dreams, and with an unfortunate gesture, you have made it fall to the ground. Result: a superb crack that runs through your screen. Luckily, the device still works, but for the aesthetic and practical side, we will iron. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of mishap, you know someone in your circle who is.

A technology based on polymers

Fortunately for all those clumsy, Motorola is thinking about a solution to avoid spending a fortune with a repairman or, in the worst case, buying a new phone. The American company has just filed a patent concerning a screen capable of self-repair. This technology would be based on a polymer-based screen with shape memory and rapid temperature change. The idea is to allow the screen, LCD or LED, to regain its original shape after an impact, using thermal shocks.

According to the illustrations accompanying the patent, the user must first delimit the area of the crack with his finger. The phone will then enter the Fascia Healing mode, during which the owner will not touch the screen. Motorola even seems to think about a dock capable of taking over the operation.



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