Mass Effect Andromeda: Work in the single player mode finally finished

EA ends with Update 1.10 the work in single player mode of Mass Effect Andromeda. The company confirmed the rumors of the past months officially and makes clear that no “patches for the single player mode or story contents planned” are.

Both the technical development and the expansion of the universe are therefore discontinued for the time being. The step had already been indicated by the dissolution of BioWare Montreal. Instead the journey of the Pathfinder with APEX missions for the multiplayer part as well as with comics and novels is to be continued – on this concept was designed the rolling game, writes the company. In this context EA wants to elucidate the fate of the Quarianer-Ark.

After the “final update” 1.10, only the multiplayer section will be further developed, which can generate further revenue with microtransactions. “In the coming weeks”, the team responsible for the care will present details on upcoming content and future innovations. Among them are new missions, character kits and an event for the “N7 Day”.




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