Microsoft: “Tactical Vomiting” and classics to the Gamescom

Microsoft: „Taktisches Erbrechen“ und Klassiker zur Gamescom

In the press conference on the Gamescom 2017, Microsoft had great surprises almost out. The already indicated surprise and a real highlight, a new Age of Empires, will be announced tomorrow. The highlight of the show was instead a unboxing of the Xbox One X.

Hardware: Xbox One X at the center

Microsoft used the press conference primarily to speak permanently of the “Power of the Xbox”. This new performance, which has been secured by the Xbox One X, was placed directly in the center of the show: the middle of the show with a (well known) trailer, and finally with a unboxing of a special edition of the console, the Project Scorpio Edition with green lettering and ” Exclusive “vertical stand as the ultimate highlight – another excuse for the group,” most powerful console “and” 4K Gaming “. The console can be preordered for around 500 euros at Amazon.

The fact that more controllers are offered in colorful colors, Microsoft underlined with a long trailer. Curiously, the show itself was worth the announcement of a “light” color scheme for the Xbox Dashboard enthusiastic excitement.

More interesting was the lack of a definite showcase game for the start of the console. Instead, the model will once again be placed as an unnecessary upgrade for enthusiasts: More than 100 upcoming and already available games will be able to use the higher computing power alone. Among them are Shadow of War, Wolfenstein 2, Titanfall 2, Fallout 4, Halo 5 or Quantum Break. A complete list can be viewed in Major Nelson’s blog.

Games: Barely new and “tactical vomiting”

ReCore is released in a definitive edition. This supports a higher resolution and HDR, the adventure Eye of Obisidian and the T8-NK Corebot, which has not made it to the release in the game. The improved version will be released on August 29th, owners of the original will receive the updates as a free update. The title can also be played like Metro: Last Light Redux and Fable 2 as part of the Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost.

Also announced was the Awakening the Nightmare expansion for Halo Wars 2 (Test), which includes a new campaign for the Banished, new cards and leaders as well as a new game modes. Show will be the DLC on November 7th.

Looking at the seventh part of Forza Motorsport, the only game released this year by a major Microsoft brand, fell to the PC version. The reduced resource requirements were compared with previous PC versions of the brand, which was realized through technical optimizations. In addition, a whole heron of compatible input devices was presented, the title should even be played on a Guitar Hero controller. A complete list is available through Xbox Wire. Before the release is to be synonymous on the PC a demoversion of the game to the test.

Also named for the 2D platformer Cuphead. The game, whose art design is based on comics from the 1940s and 1950s, will be on the market on September 29th. The zombie survival simulation State of Decay 2, on the other hand, is to be completed in spring 2018.

The ID @ Box horsepower, Sea of ​​Thieves, did not have an appearance date, but a gameplay element unveiled exclusively to Gamescom: the players can “tactically vomit” and fill a bucket with virtual stomach contents – and throw on opponents. In addition, the game is supposed to play through “cross-game support” across “several devices”. The wording suggests that not only Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One (X) are meant.

Real-time strategy of yesterday

The most interesting news has almost disappeared: the HD version of the strategy game Evergreens Rise of Nations will also be offered via the Windows Store. Microsoft supports Cross Network Play – users on Steam and the store end up in the same pool and can play with each other.

For the 20th birthday of Age of Empires 1 tomorrow will be the latest not only to the classic remake. As Microsoft explained for the second time within a short time with a wink, “there might be a bigger announcement” – Age of Empires 4 is coming.



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