O2 starts with pre-registration for the new iPhone

Sky Ticket mit Live Fußball für o2 KundenO2 starts with iPhone pre-registration –According to Telekom, o2 has apparently also begun to register pre-registrations for the new iPhone generation. Prospective customers can now register for the new “Top Smartphones in September”.

O2 starts with iPhone pre-registration

Just a few days ago Telekom began to take pre-registrations for the new iPhone. Although the device has not been explicitly mentioned so far, it is probable that the time is running out. Telekom’s reservation service allows customers to express their interest and are given preferential treatment.

With o2, another network operator begins with the pre-registrations for the new smartphone generation. The Munich vendor has also opened the form for registration, but does not mention names. Instead, “top top smartphones” and “hip blockbusters in September” are spoken.

O2 informs about smartphone novelties

The pre-registration was at o2 of the statement of interests. Registered users will be informed as soon as there are news about smartphones in the starting holes. For example, when the pre-booking phase begins.

The pre-registration does not oblige to purchase. Interested parties, it is free to register whether they want to buy a new smartphone at o2 or not. It is also possible to unsubscribe from the service at any time. If you want, you can also register for the regular newsletter.

At www.o2online.de the pre-registration is available immediately.


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