Telecom MagentaMobil tariffs from 26,95 Euro Telekom MagentaMobil tariffs – In the online shop of the Telekom MagentaMobil tariffs S, M and L can be booked for a short time at the promotional price. Tariffs are available from 26.95 Euros per month. with MagentaMobil tariffs

Interested parties can book the Telekom MagentaMobil tariffs for a short time at Available are MagentaMobil S, MagentaMobil M and MagentaMobil L, which are available for 24 months.

The offers include a voice and SMS Flat in all German mobile and fixed networks as well as a mobile data sheet with LTE Max with up to 300 Mbit / s. In addition, a HotSpot-Flat and the EU Roaming is included. The data sheets offer 2 GB, 4 GB and 6 GB.

Telekom offers from 26,95 Euro

The MagentaMobil S costs EUR 26.95 per month for a period of 24 months, while EUR 33.95 and EUR 44.95 are due for the MagentaMobil M and MagentaMobil L. The unique connection price is 39.99 euros.


It should be noted that the action prices are only valid for 24 months and that from the 25th month onwards normal prices will be charged again, if not terminated in due time. Since these are with the offers at 44.95 euros, 55.95 euros and 64.95 euros and thus well 10 euros above the regular prices, which the Telekom raises, the offers after two years are no bargains , The timely termination should therefore be respected.

The tariffs are available at


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