Nomenophobia is growing and a study reveals what it’s all about

Today, we spend a lot of time with our eyes glued to the screen of our smartphone and often the first thing we do in the day is to turn it on and the last turn it off.

Many praise the battery life of your phone, which can also provide five or six hours of on-screen shutter in one day, which means, however, that all that time spent with your eyes fixed on that display.

More and more scientists are conducting studies on what is now a lot of people being a real “addictive” smartphone and postpartum anxiety, and one of these, conducted by City University in Hong Kong, focused on nomophobia (anxiety that You try when you are separated from your phone), trying to figure out what’s hidden behind it.

If so far it was considered that nomophobia was caused by the fear of losing an important call, the researchers found that the question is different.

Having become an integral part of our daily life, smartphones are used to keep in touch with others, receive news and share experiences: in essence, they are now considered a sort of “album of our lives.”

Smartphones, therefore, not only accompany us during so many daily experiences but sometimes also affect us how we perceive them (just think of the comments of friends who suggest us to evaluate a certain situation), thus becoming an extension of our person.

Obviously, this phenomenon does not affect everyone, but, say Dr. Kim Joon Kim, nomophobia in the future will be more and more common.
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