Facebook announces new measures to combat fake videos

Have you ever clicked on a fake button that opens a link instead of starting playing a video? Well, Facebook has decided to fight those content, making them less and less visible on the popular social network.

Publishers who use this kind of tools, which make the experience of using Facebook a decisive factor, will decrease their spread.

However, Facebook will not completely remove such content, unless otherwise violated.

This is not the first action taken by Facebook to combat this type of publication but maybe this time, “using force”, the hoped-for result could be achieved.

Unfortunately, this is not the only abuse we are experiencing on the popular social network: just think of pre-recorded videos and then published as if they were live or in articles that featured a false “Instant Articles” icon when , Are made according to the standard method (and therefore do not load faster).

The new changes made by Facebook are part of the broader program of contrasting the clickbait phenomenon: Zuckerberg’s goal is to make the lives of those using this social network ever more difficult to spamming and promoting poor quality sites or reliability.

With the hope that our boards will be more and more “clean”.



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