The WhatsApp status also comes to the Web version

Six months after you arrive in the Android application, the State function also reaches WhatsApp Web. You can then see the images posted by your contacts on your PC browser, provided you have the latest versions.

You will need to update WhatsApp on your smartphone while using version 0.2.5854 or later for WhatsApp Web. At this time, the feature is not available in the Desktop version of the application, but may be available in the next few days with a update.

However, you will not be able to update your status through the Web interface, which will only allow you to view the status published by your contacts. To create a new state, therefore, you must rely on the application available for Android and iOS. What do you think of this novelty, to which we announced the arrival a couple of months ago? Do you like or do not use the State on WhatsApp? The comments box is at your disposal.



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