Specdrums, rings that let you play the world

It’s called  Specdrums and it’s a new exciting project looking for funds on the Kickstarter platform .

This is a series of wearable rings that connect to the smartphone and that, as they touch the objects around us, emit different sounds (obviously reproduced by the speaker of the phone).

Basically, once you understand the operation of Specdrums and do a little bit of practice, you can “ring” the world around us (the rings assign different sounds to the different colors and you can choose what kind of tool to exploit).

Of course Specdrums has its own application, compatible with Android and iOS , capable of connecting up to 10 rings at one time.

There is also the ability to use synthesizers, record sounds, add audio effects, or use special applications to make music.

The rings cost $ 34 each or $ 74 the pair and the shipments should start in January 2018.

For more information, visit the dedicated Kickstarter site, which is always rich in interesting news.



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