Fidgetly CTRL is a new fidget spinner that can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth

“Everything is better with Bluetooth” – Recited the protagonist of a popular TV series: Will he still be in this case? Fidgetly has just announced the launch of Fidgetly CTRL, a fidget spinner capable of connecting to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

The product is, according to the company, the first fidget spinner for gaming: the idea is to connect it to your smartphone so you can track statistics, compete with friends, learn and teach tricks through the dedicated app and use it as Motion controller in games. All this thanks to gyroscope, accelerometer and of course Bluetooth.

According to the company’s CEO, you could use it in a game to send commands: for example, you could turn it clockwise to perform a certain type of attack, counter-clockwise to run another, even if you say True does not seem very immediate as use.

Fidgetly CTRL is already available in preorder (in the red / black, blue / black, green / black, orange / black and pink / black colors you see above) on the official website for $ 39.99 and the shipment will start at the end September, even for Italy; Will be on sale also in some major electronics chains, at least in the US.




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