Motorola dreams of smartphone displays that repair themselves

Motorola patentiert neue Display-Technik

Although Motorola has only recently introduced a phone, whose display is significantly more fracture-resistant than conventional, but also had plenty of criticism. Even if the screen does not crumble into 1,000 small parts during a fall, the plastic used attracts scratches like the light flies. Also not really sovereign. A patent pending solution is intended to provide a remedy.

And with warmth. For example, a “shape memory” polymer should repair scratches when the surface undergoes rapid temperature changes. This heat generation could be produced and triggered by the phone itself, Motorola can imagine a dedicated app for it. However, body heat or the temporary use of a dock would work as well.

It remains to be seen whether this concept will ever be put into practice. Of course, whether it would work really well. It should also be considered whether a display with such a surface feels good and would be accepted by the customers. A 100% restoration of possible damages can not be achieved with such a concept, so ultimately the quality of the process is also responsible for success or failure.




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