Google Pixel 2: Google Assistant when you press the case

According to the data of the certification authority FCC comes the new pixel with a pushable frame. Sure, HTC is making it and this is the U11 feature they have donated to the new pixel. Apparently, however, it should also be integrated with the Pixel 2 XL, which is again produced by LG and will probably come with a “fullscreen” display.

The feature, which is called at HTC Edge Sense for the pixel, as much as you can read from the screenshots of the settings, called Active Edge. And what does it do? Of course: it calls the Google Assistant on what else. Whether or not you find this particularly useful, may be adjusted, especially since it is synonymous “Ok, Google”. We would hope that the push gesture can also be combined with other functions.

The pixel is to come with 64GB of memory, have a Snapdragon 835 and it has of course Android 8.0.1 as a system. Surprisingly by the way, as you can expect soon with the new pixel phones that Google keeps them so well under wraps, because so far are not really really reliable picture leaks.



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