Chuwi Lapbook Air: A Macbook Air for Windows


Chuwi had just recently introduced a similar laptop model, which with its 2K display for only 329 dollars could really be seen. Now comes from them an explicit competitor for the Macbook Air, around which Apple itself probably no longer really cares.

With a 14.1 inch display in 1080p and a weight of 1.3 kilos, it may be a bit bigger, but the screen also has less edge, but it is just as easy, with the 320cd / m2 IPS screen it is brighter and the keyboard is lit. be. The special feature is that it is just 6 millimeters at the thin spots.

The question will be at the end of course, which processor they have installed at what price, how good is the keyboard, etc. But you should probably be surprised at all these things in the end.



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