Destiny: Silver on Steam ignited hopes

The short-term listing of premium silver for Activision Destiny on Steam sparked hopes of selling the upcoming sequel on Valve’s platform. After a demotion of the publisher, the expectations are concentrated on a late porting of the first game of the series.

Destiny 2, which will be released for Windows PCs on October 24, will be sold exclusively via Blizzard’s, as Activision quickly clarified via Twitter. With regard to distribution via Steam or via another platform, there are “no plans”.


No Destiny 2, but silver

Notwithstanding this, several packages of premium silver were available on Steam for a short time, which was documented in the NeoGAF Forum. These are no longer visible in the store, but can still be found via SteamDB. There is clear reference to the first Destiny: The “2”, which would point to the upcoming game is missing – and only for Destiny 2 a Steam publication was denied. The listing of the silver packets indicated a community manager of the game only as “error”, without specifying this more detailed. At the same time the authenticity of the listing was officially confirmed by the reaction.

Destiny on Steam were made available in error. All purchases will be refunded manually by Valve. Sorry for the confusion!

– DeeJ (@DeeJ_BNG) August 15, 2017

This will at least allow Activision to bring Destiny 1 to Steam in the complete version or a free-to-play version as an appetizer. It would not be unusual. Microsoft has brought some older or uninvited games – most recently Quantum Break (Test) – to Valves platform to reach a maximum number of players, while popular sequels are sold exclusively on their own, cheaper distribution platform.


PC port not secured

Whether the silver listing is a test run for a market introduction or another product or system is unclear. An entry can often be understood as a harbinger of a publication, but this connection is not necessarily necessary. Halo 3 was also listed in the Steam database, but was never released on the PC.



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