Vodafone CallYa Flex: Options and packages

Vodafone CallYa Flex Packages – The Vodafone CallYa Flex construction kit, which has been available for a few days, can be customized via different packages. We show by means of some examples which combinations are possible and what the compilations cost.

Vodafone CallYa Flex

With the CallYa Flex Prepaidtarif, Vodafone has been offering a new tariff in a modular concept for a few days. The core of the offer are the various packages, which can be reassembled every month and individualize the tariff to different requirements.

There are three different unit packages, which provide call minutes and SMS to all German networks, and three different data options. In addition, a Vodafone-Flat can be booked, which allows free calls and SMS to other Vodafonekunden. The reset of the data options is available for 4,99 Euro, the unit packets are charged for the replenishment 1,49 Euro.

Prepaid-based building-box tariff

400 MB and 50 free units for conversation minutes and SMS cost 4.99 euros for 28 days. With 750 MB, 6.99 euros are due, including 1.5 GB 9.99 euros. If you book 150 free units and 400 MB books, is asked to pay with 5.99 euros. With 750 MB or 1.5 GB will be charged 7.99 euros and 10.99 euros.

The largest unit package contains 400 units, together with 400 MB it costs 7.99 euros. At a choice of 750 MB will be 9.99 euros, including 1.5GB 12.99 euros.

Who wants can for 2.99 euro the Vodafone-Flat to the package combinations. The duration of this is 28 days each and can be changed monthly. The call-in and check-out is possible via the CallYa Flex App.

Further information is available at www.vodafone.de.




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