Judgment: Adblocker on websites are permissible

Adblockers are allowed – The Oberlandesgericht München has declared the use of adblocks on websites admissible. There were several media companies who accused the advertising blockers of sales losses and accused him of exercising unfair pressure on them.

Adblockers are allowed

Various media companies have long argued about the admissibility of adblockers. In the proceedings before the Oberlandesgericht Munich the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Prosiebensat.1 Group and the RTL subsidiary IP Germany complained against the adblock-plus provider Eyeo and argued that advertising blocks not only lead to massive sales losses but also unfair pressure would. The aim of this is to ensure that the companies enter into a paid agreement with the adblock provider so that the companies rely on a Whitelist.

The Oberlandesgericht could not accept the applicants’ argument and stated that there was no specific impediment to competition. The judges also considered an anti-trust ban to be inappropriate. Nor could they share the view that copyright would be infringed.

Advertising blocks do not violate applicable law

Even with the business with the Whiteliste the court could see no problems. It is permissible that an adblock provider offers to exclude web pages from the lock if they pay a fee. There is no obvious pressure on the actors or a prohibited aggressive advertising for the Whitelist model.

With the question of whether Adblock Plus is permissible, several courts have already worked in the past and the service has been declared as a legal form. Only the Oberlandesgericht Cologne had rejected the Whitelist model. Because of this other view, the Higher Regional Court of Munich has allowed the revision before the Federal Supreme Court.

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