Samsung, Foxconn and other big names along with Keyssa to say goodbye to cables and connectors

Let’s go back to Keyssa, the start-up that a few years ago had shown to be able to offer data transfer at brisk speeds without any wire or connector, with its Kiss Connectivity; Let’s talk about Keyssa because, apparently, great technology giants such as Samsung and Foxconn would be working with start-ups to bring this technology to smartphones.

The purpose is obviously to say goodbye to cables and connectors, uncomfortable the first and bulky in terms of space the seconds; In fact, the key is to create an extremely fast data transfer system without the use of wifi networks, but simply based on the touch between two devices.

The goal would be to make such a technology a standard, fundamental step because a data transfer system is actually successful and used by many.

But behind Samsung could be another company the first to market this technology with a smartphone. We are talking about Essential, the company created by Andy Rubin, who by pure coincidence sees among the ranks of its Playground Global investors, the same that also invests in Keyssa; Despite this link, however, Essential itself denied the use of Keyssa technology for its smartphone – it was one of the options evaluated but was discarded.



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