New super-condensers hope for the future of wearable flexibles

We have already talked about super capacitors, capacitors able to accumulate an exceptionally large amount of charge in no time, and to make it available in just as little time; Many people are working to allow this technology to better suit the needs we are now responding with the traditional batteries (with all the limitations we know). Here some researchers made some further step forward, with a new supercondition that could be used in wearable devices.

We talk of a structure made with a polymer containing the ions and which, through a special placement, is always in contact with the active conductive material (also polymeric); In this way, the two “layers” are always in contact, as is the case with the red and the white ones in the well-known sugar sticks, allowing to greatly increase the performance.

In addition, this superconditioner could solve the problem of flexibility , so much sought after for wearable devices: after 1000 bending of the material, the supercondition in question retained 99% of the capacity, falling to 97.5% after 3000 charge and discharge cycles . The structure allows the superconditioner to bend easily and without cracking, ensuring longer durability.

If you are interested in deepening the study of researchers at the University of Cambridge and the Queen Mary University in London you can do it on, or on ACS Energy Letter.




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