Alexa lands on two speakers of Ultimate Ears

Alexa landet auf zwei Lautsprechern von Ultimate Ears

The two Bluetooth speakers Boom 2 and Megaboom can now also appeal to Alexa. Wait a minute, some will think there was not what? And actually: Ultimate Ears had already experimented with this feature, now the beta phase is more or less completed. More or less, because: There are limitations.

Amazon’s language support can be used only on Android, on the other hand not with all smartphones. Who has a pixel in use, a telephone from OnePlus or a Mate 9 from Huawei remains outside, with these devices there are obviously problems. The latter is still somehow understandable, since Huawei itself works on the integration – but currently with moderate success.

Also, Alexa can only be addressed by pressing the Bluetooth button on the speakers. On call, as you know it from many other devices, nothing happens.

Amazon Alexa is still moving her circles. This year, Anker wants to deliver the Genie loudspeaker, on the U11 of HTC Alexa is also at the start.



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