Here is the Nokia 8

Nokia 8 introduced

HMD Global presented the long-awaited and much-discussed Nokia 8, the first true flagship, since the rebirth of the traditional brand. The smartphone has a 5.3 “QHD display, works with a Snapdragon 835, has 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal memory. The case is made of aluminum, the front is protected with Gorilla Glass 5. The OS is Android 7, which has battery a capacity of 3090 mAh.

far, so boring. The Nokia 8, however, has more to offer.

With the Nokia 8 an old partnership is revived, namely with Zeiss with the cameras. The backside dual camera has two 13-megapixel sensors, also the front of the camera. The default setting of this setup? Bothie. All three sensors can be linked to a dual livestream for videos, which can be sent to YouTube and Facebook exactly as in the Splitscreen. Move image can be streamed as much as photos. A sensor of the dual camera has an optical image stabilization, the other sensor only takes black / white. The front and rear panels are f / 2.0 ..

Supposedly interesting is also from the audio area to announce. The new phone is equipped with Nokia OZO audio, so technology and software, which was originally heard in the Ozo camera. Thus, 4K videos can be recorded with 360 ° sound. A total of three microphones are available for this purpose. In addition, there are algorithms that are designed to enhance the sound of the phone, but at the same time ensure that this 360 ° sound is processed in such a way that the soundtrack also sounds good on other devices.

When focusing on 4K videos and the combination of three cameras for splitscreen livestreaming, it is important that the processor is well cooled. In the Nokia 8, this is to ensure a graphite-sheathed cooling cable made of copper, which runs on the inside over the entire housing length. The Nokia 8 weighs 160 grams.

The Nokia 8 has a USB Type C (USB 3.1) connector and a headphone output. There should be both variants with space for one and two SIM cards. Memory cards are also available with a maximum size of 256 GB. The Nokia 8 is also splash-proof according to IP54 and is to be available in September, in four colors: steel, copper and two shades of blue. The “worldwide average price” is 599 euros.



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