Galaxy Note 8: already download the funds of screen of the future flagship of Samsung

After leaking images and leaking data sheet, here are the leaks of wallpapers. These are already available for download.

Of the Galaxy Note 8, virtually everything is already known. Its design, which has largely leaked in recent days and which lets glimpse a large 6.3-inch phone at the ratio 18: 5: 9. His technical sheet, then, which unveiled for the first time on a Samsung smartphone a dual photo sensor.

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Here is today his wallpapers. The latter fled to the Vietnamese site SamsungVN, which published them in the evening, before removing them quickly. But as you well know, the Internet forgets nothing and archives everything. They are now available on Imgur, or in our gallery of screen, located under this news.

Most of these wallpapers are landscapes or color gradients and are all in 2K definition. If you have a recent smartphone with a very large screen, they will integrate perfectly.

Last but not least, the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23, in New York, at a press conference that you can watch live on YouTube.



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