But where is the Essential Phone, the borderless smartphone of Andy Rubin?

Remember, last May Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android, announced the Essential Phone. A superb, powerful, modular, borderless phone that was originally scheduled for release at the end of June. But since the announcement, no one has ever heard of the phone. Do not panic, the phone is always well planned, but we still do not know its release date.

The announcement of the Essential Phone was without a doubt a real event in the world of the smartphone. Andy Rubin‘s phone is indeed very enticing. Between its superb borderless design, its high-end technical data sheet and the possibility of attaching modules, it is one of the most promising devices of the year.

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At the time of its announcement, its creators had planned a sale for the end of June, in parallel with the possibility of preordering it on the official website. But since the end of June, Andy Rubin’s company has been very discreet, to the point of no longer talking at all about the exit of the phone. But where did the Essential Phone go?

An announcement of release date next week

Let’s break the suspense right away, this question still has no answer. But Essential CEO Niccolo de Masi told the Wall Street Journal that he was planning to announce the official release date of the phone … Next week. Patience, then. In the meantime, Niccolo de Masi wanted to be reassuring by also announcing that Essential had raised nearly $ 300 million from major new technology companies, starting with Amazon or Tencent.

This fund raising suggests that the Essential Phone will be sold by Amazon in the coming weeks. It should be noted, however, that Essential will not sell its device in Europe at the time of its first launch, only the markets of the United States and Canada are targeted at the moment. As for its price, it has not changed: it will cost 699 dollars to receive a phone naked.



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