AppleWatch: Third generation with LTE from Intel in the same housing

AppleWatch: Third generation with LTE from Intel in the same housing

The third generation of the Apple watch with an LTE module will be even more independent of the iPhone, the design of the watch is, according to the latest information, however, nothing to change. Apple should remain faithful to the two sizes and the angular housing.

Only LTE, without 3G

This information is based on a report by AppleInsider with reference to the analysts Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, who are known for assessments to Apple. The LTE module is to be the big innovations compared to the current Apple Watch Series 2 (test). The new version of the Apple Watch will later appear later in the year. Due to technical limitations, the mobile radio module of the new generation is to support only LTE, UMTS or GSM is thus outside. In addition, support would only be available in selected markets.

Intel is supposed to deliver the modems

According to a report from Bloomberg , Intel is intended as a modem chip supplier for the upcoming Apple Watch with LTE. Also for the current iPhone 7 (test) Apple apart from Qualcomm on modems from Intel back, which are technically but limited. With Qualcomm, however, Apple is in a major patent dispute. Already last year, Apple had a version of the watch with LTE contemplated, because of problems with the battery life but ultimately that apart, Bloomberg continued. Other rumors speak of a blood glucose sensor for the new wearable.

Design should remain the same

The design should, on the other hand, remain unchanged and be the same as from the launch in 2015. Apple will also retain the size of 38 and 42 millimeters in diameter, which would at least ensure the continued use of purchased accessories. Last year, Apple turned the WatchSeries 2 on many sets. Compared to the first Apple Watch, the current model offers a waterproof case, standalone GPS, a brighter OLED display, a longer battery life, and a faster processor for native apps.



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