Telekom speedport 50 percent on Samsung smartphones

Telekom50 percent on Samsung smartphones – From the 17th to the 27th of August, 2017 Telekom offers several Samsung smartphones in combination with a MagentaMobil tariff at half price. The promotion applies to new customers.

50 percent on Samsung smartphones

Prospective buyers will be able to secure a discount of 50 percent on the Telekom Onlineshop from 17 August 2017. The action runs up to August 27, 2017 and applies to various Samsung smartphones, which can be booked in combination with a MagentaMobil tariff.

A prerequisite for the estate is the new conclusion of a participating MagentaMobil tariff. Underneath this the Telekom understands almost all MagentaMobil offers including mobile phone. Except the MagentaMobil XS (including Friends), tariffs with beginners-smartphone, fares without mobile phone, the CombiCard tariffs, the prepaid offers and the data tariffs. The other MagentaMobile tariffs, including S, M, L, XL, for Friends, Happy and Co. are taking part.

Telecom speedport discount

The discount is granted on the one-time purchase price of the Samsung devices and reduces it by 50 percent. In addition to mid-range devices such as the Galaxy A5, the current high-end devices Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) and Galaxy S7 (Edge) can also be booked.

For most devices, the MagentaMobile tariffs must be booked with the mobile phone option “with Smartphone”. For some models, such as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the choice of “with top smartphone” is necessary.

Under the action will be available from 17 August 2017 onwards. It ends on 27 August 2017.




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