O2 Free card: 50 minutes and 100 MB free of charge

O2 free ticket with 50 minutes – until 29th of August 2017, interested parties can book the o2 ticket with a free goodie. Depending on the tariff, the network operator donates 50 freemasons, 100 MB or 25 percent discount.

O2 Freikarte mit Goodie

In the online shop of o2, the prepaid rates of the network operator can be booked as a free ticket without one-off charges. You can choose “o2 Freikarte”, “Smart 1 GB” and the short “All-in 1.5 GB”.

The classic o2 ticket is realized as a 9 cent tariff and has no fixed monthly fees. Anyone who opts for the tariff until 29th August 2017 will receive a free one of 50 freemasons from O2 for free in all German networks. The minimum charge amounts to 10 euros, the free-of-charge freemasons have a validity of one month. Unused minutes decay.

O2 donates prepaid benefits

Also the o2 Smart 1 GB tariff is provided with a free advantage. If you book until August 29th, 2017 and then charge at least 10 Euros, you receive 100 MB of free gifts. However, the goodwill is granted only “on successful debiting from the banking account deposited in the SEPA mandate in the same cycle”.

The action star o2 All-in 1.5 GB, which is still available until September 5, 2017, is still available for 15 euros. Regularly, o2 charges a package price of 19.99 euros and grants a 25% discount. The tariffs Smart 1 GB and All-in 1.5 GB each have a validity of 4 weeks.




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