SMS fraud: spam on behalf of Coca Cola

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SMS fraud on behalf of Coca-Cola – fraudsters are currently using the well-known name Coca-Cola to lure incautious smartphone users into a trap. An alleged profit notification flows through SMS. However, the payment is made after the advance payment has been made.

Beware of SMS

Smartphone users should take care of Fake SMS , which is sent in the name of Coca-Cola. According to Watch Internet, the SMS contains a profit notification and the note that the recipient has won the “Coca-Cola Exclusive Offers Rewards” .

The news comes not from Coca Cola, but from fraudsters who make use of the well-known name. The SMS will be sent by the numbers  + 49159014292xx and  + 49159014334xx  and contain this or a similar text:

You have won a coupon of € 1m in the Coca-Cola Exclusive Offers Rewards for EU States. To get a winner’s check, email code CK3D to;

Fraud on behalf of Coca Cola

Supposed winners who contact the e-mail address will first name their name, address, date of birth and telephone number, and will be prompted to pay an advance payment . Without this the profit could not be paid, the explanation is. The payment served to cover legal expenses, taxes and the like.

The payment is also to be made via Western Union, MoneyGram or a similar payment service, and the transaction slip must be sent by photo. With this, the fraudsters can receive the money and use it for their purposes.

Do not fall for fraudsters

The promised winnings are never seen by the supposed winners. It serves merely as an attractant, in order to move the receivers to the surrender of their personal data and to the payment. In the end is not only the money slug , the fraudsters can also use the personal data for further scams .

Watch Internet advises to delete the message immediately and not respond to the demands. Anyone who has already caught up with the scam should report to the police . “Their experience is, unfortunately, lost in an irreparable way,” they say.

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