Pokémon GO’s players against Battles Raid Esclusive: new controversy

Pokémon GO is probably the smartphone game that has been able to capture more attention than any other, with an exceptionally large fan base at the beginning and with so many aspiring coaches around the world; Outstanding are the complaints that have accompanied the game in recent months, including delays and new additions that are not always well accepted by players: the latest ones are called Raid Exclusive Battles, allowing you to capture Mewtwo but, apparently, would not go to genius Many users.

There are a lot of complaints from Pokémon GO players on Reddit’s pages about these Raid Exclusive Battles, based on an invitation mechanism (we’ve talked about this in this article); “Ridiculous” and “meaningless” are just a few of the adjectives that read about Reddit about these raids, for which, in addition to the invitation, they must also undergo the date and time determined by Niantic.

The problems are many: To receive an invitation, you must successfully complete a raid in that particular gym, with the result that new arrivals in a certain place will obviously be cut off from participating in these exclusive raids; In addition, the announcement of the time and day to which the Exclusive Raid Battle will be held, although it has been emphasized that the invitation will come in a long way, cut off the many who work or have more important commitments than Pokémon GO, and Who can not decide independently when to attend the raid.

So, there are so many complaints that follow virtually every Niantic decision, but there are still many players who continue to hunt for Pokémon in the real world: are you still playing Pokémon GO? What do you think about the latest innovations?




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