According to Liftoff, more app apps could bring more subscriptions

According to a new Liftoff report, subscription-based applications could yield better results if developers decided to raise prices to offer more services rather than lower them to convince users to try them.

The Liftoff study analyzed the data provided between June 2016 and June 2017 by various subscription apps, low cost (from $ 0.99 to $ 7 a month), average ($ 7 to $ 20) and premium ( From $ 20 to $ 50).

Well, it seems that mid-range applications have a higher conversion rate and a subscriber acquisition cost lower than those in the baseband.

This may be partly due to media streaming applications, such as Netflix and Spotify, which have already “convinced” users to pay about $ 10 a month to benefit from the service.

Always according to the Liftoff study (which you find here), conducted by analyzing over 1 billion impressions of more than 14 million clicks and 500,000 apps installed between 45 paid services, to be more successful in the subscription industry are the utilities rather than the Applications to make meetings.

To find a new love, users prefer traditional methods.

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