Samsung: Dual camera after the Note 8 also in the middle class

Samsung: Dual camera after the grade 8 also in the middle class

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is likely to be the first smartphone from the manufacturer to put a dual camera from its own home, the ISOCELL Dual. According to the supposedly 1,000 euro expensive top model, dual cameras are also to find the way into cheaper Samsung smartphones.

Dual cameras for all

The South Korean IT site etnews reports with reference to the industry near sources that Samsung wants to extend the use of two main cameras also to the middle class. In the long term, Samsung plans to equip its entire portfolio with dual cameras. In addition to the Galaxy Note 8, which will take place on 23 August, upcoming Galaxy S-series flagship models as well as new Galaxy A models expected for 2018 will also be available on two cameras.

The cost for a dual camera would be about 1.5 times as high as for a camera with a lens. However, since Samsung plans in the medium and long term with a large use, should bring the market accordingly to drive and also for Samsung’s camera division to be profitable.

Sense of change at Samsung

According to etnews , the new strategy goes back to a sense change at Samsung. Instead of always equipping the products with new technologies and functions, the manufacturer waits with the introduction until the reliability and quality is ensured. An unnamed industrial representative has confirmed this. In the case of the Galaxy S8 (+) (test) this was apparently not yet the case in spring: the digital assistant Bixby announced at the time as a major innovation came only in South Korea, a variant for Europe is still missing. The iris scanner of the S8 is also relatively uncomfortable.



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