WhatsApp starts “learning” Emoji search for Android users

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WhatsApp Emoji Search – A while ago, a beta version of WhatsApp for Android already suggested a new feature, which will make chatting more comfortable. The Emoji search is now integrated into the current WhatsApp version above the search field to find a suitable smiley quickly.

WhatsApp launches Emoij search

The new Emoji search was already suggested in a previous beta version of Messenger WhatsApp. All Android users can now look forward. According to the website oe24at / digital, WhatsApp has now integrated the new feature into its current version.

Nowadays, smileys are an important communication tool. However, the selection is a suitable Emoji, after all, there are already over 1000 such smileys, not easily. The new search makes chatting more comfortable.

Search in the Emoji area is learning

Although the Emojis are already divided by category, the finding of a suitable smiley has been so long. The new practical feature can be found in the Emoji area in its own search window.

 Emoiji search image oe24 at digital

The user simply enters a specific term, and they are already suggested to use appropriate emojis for chatting. If, for example, “Hand” is entered in the corresponding search field, all smileys that belong to this term are displayed. The search function is also learnable. The more often the search field is activated, the more accurate will be the hits over time. When the Emoji search for iPhone users will be available is not known.



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