Homepage turned off: E-Plus is final history

E-Plus is history – After the harmonization of grid recognition, the E-Plus era finally comes to an end. Telefónica has now switched off the last two websites of the brand and redirects to a tariff comparison.

E-Plus is history

Following the takeover of E-Plus by the O2 parent Telefónica, the company is working to gradually merge the two networks. It was only recently that Telefónica announced that the network of the new joint network had been unified. The name E-Plus has also been adopted elsewhere .

One of the last references to the brand has been disabled a few days ago. Telefónica has taken the last still remaining homepages www.eplus.de and www.e-plus.de off the net and deactivated. Whoever visits the pages is now redirected to www.handyflatrate.de.

Eplus.de permanently switched off

On handyflatrate.de , Telefónica compares the tariffs of the brands o2, BASE and Blau and offers various opposites, both in the Simonly variants as well as including the smartphone. If you want, you will be forwarded directly to the booking page of the desired tariff.

Former E-Plus customers are briefly informed in a banner that the network consolidation of O2 and E-Plus is in full swing. “E-Plus and Telefónica are now a company,” it says. “All service information for E-Plus customers can be found on our E-Plus service page.”



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